Chiropractic Advances in Sports: An ICA Podcast with Dr. Brant Hulsebus and Dr. Todd McDougle

Join Dr. Brant Hulsebus as he interviews Dr. Todd McDougle in this inaugural episode of ChiroCast: ICA Sports and Fitness Health Science. They discuss the origins and evolution of the ICA Council on Fitness and Sports, Dr. McDougle’s groundbreaking techniques in chiropractic care for strength athletes, and the council’s mission to enhance human performance through specialized chiropractic adjustments. The episode delves into Dr. McDougle’s journey, international recognition, and the council’s efforts to foster a supportive community for sports-minded chiropractors. Tune in for insight on dynamic warm-ups, injury prevention, and the exciting developments in chiropractic care within various sports disciplines.


Hi, I’m Dr. Brant Hulsebus. Thank you for joining us on the ICA Sports and Fitness Health Science Podcast. We began this podcast to introduce you to some of the top ICA chiropractors involved in the world of fitness and sports. What better way to start off this podcast than to talk to Dr. Todd McDougle?

Meet Dr. Todd McDougle

Dr. McDougle is a chiropractor who is deeply involved in the sports world, and his journey is truly inspiring. Several years ago, I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Coralie von Eggman and Ron Hendrickson, who significantly contributed to the ICA Sports Council. It’s a powerhouse council tied in with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s annual sports and fitness program in Columbus, Ohio. I remember meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger for the first time and later becoming a guest speaker at his event.

Dr. McDougle has also stepped up to redesign the ICA Sports Council. With the help of volunteers like yourself, we have brought the council back to life.

Chiropractic Care for Strength Athletes

I vividly recall Dr. McDougle’s first presentation at the Arnold Classic. He has gained a reputation for adjusting some of the biggest human beings on the planet—6’9″, 450-pound individuals. Dr. McDougle shares how he got involved in taking care of these massive athletes:

Chad Coy, a pro strongman athlete, requested a chiropractic adjustment that wouldn’t leave athletes feeling weak right after. Dr. McDougle graduated in 1997 but traced the roots of his techniques to dynamic warm-up routines that replaced static and ballistic stretches. He discovered that traditional chiropractic techniques on strength athletes often involved long lever stretches, leading to neuromuscular recruitment issues.

His studies led him to Dr. Hoffman’s reflexes, changing chiropractic applications for strength athletes worldwide.

Specializing in Unique Chiropractic Techniques

Dr. McDougle survived a severe industrial accident in 1988, leaving him with physical limitations. Despite these challenges, he designed chiropractic techniques tailored to strength athletes. His innovations have shown immediate performance gains in athletes, whether injury-oriented or strictly for performance enhancement.

These techniques have won Dr. McDougle international acclaim, with athletes across the globe seeking his expertise. For instance, Alexei Novikov, a strongman from Ukraine, shared how improper chiropractic techniques negatively affected his performance.

Educating Others

Dr. McDougle emphasizes the importance of the right technique for the right situation. Not all chiropractic methods are the same, and chiropractors must continuously hone their skills. He shares the value of educating others in the field through hands-on experience, whether they’re caring for athletes with unique needs or traditional patients.

The ICA Sports Council: Mission and Vision

Now, let’s talk about the ICA Sports Council’s mission. We’re focused on enhancing human performance through chiropractic care. We’re not here to duplicate existing programs like the CCSP and diplomat programs. Our aim is to provide opportunities for sports-minded chiropractors to serve in real-world competitions—a critical aspect often missing from certification programs.

We want to support chiropractors working across various sports, from NFL and NHL to rodeo and pickleball. We’re creating opportunities to serve in high-level events, such as the Arnold Classic and official Strongman Games.

International Reach

The International Chiropractors Association aims to extend our reach globally. We’re planning events in the UK and have already partnered with the Society of Weight Training Injury Specialists and Lee Haney’s Sports Festival.

Get Involved

We’re excited to invite you to join us on this journey. If you’re passionate about sports chiropractic, we want you on our team. Whether you care for professional athletes or little league players, there’s a place for you in our community.

Our website provides more information, and we’re looking forward to connecting with you through upcoming events and this podcast.


Thank you, Dr. Todd McDougle, for sharing your incredible journey and vision. We’re excited about the future of sports chiropractic and look forward to bringing you more perspectives from leading chiropractors in various sports.

Stay tuned for more podcasts and blog posts featuring experts like Dr. Pete and Dr. Kevin Jackson, and many others.

Become a part of our community. Together, we can elevate the field of chiropractic care in sports.

Thanks for joining us, and see you next time!

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